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Always and Forever Custom Creations

Plum Crazy

$28.00 USD

Yarn Base

Done with a delicious mix of plums, violets, and speckles this yarn brings a smile to anyone’s face!

Silk Heaven

50/50 Superwash merino/ Mulberry Silk

100 grams 437 yards

Squishy Sock

85%  Superwash merino wool 15% nylon

100 grams 436 yards

3 ply


Silky Sock

75% Superwash Merino 25% Mulberry Silk

437 yards


Bamboo Sock

80/20 Superwash merino/ Bamboo

100 grams 415 yards


Sport weight

100% Superwash merino

401 yards 115 grams


Dk weight

100% Superwash merino

100 grams 246 yards


DK Silk Heaven

50% Superwash merino 50 % mulberry silk

100 grams 236 yards


Worsted weight

100% Superwash merino

100 grams 218 yards


I dye each order as I receive so it generally takes 3-6 days to dye and dry before shipping:)


Gradient yarn will change colors as is worked up.


All hand dyed yarns differ slightly as they are all unique.


Hand wash cold lay flat to dry.


With the intensity of some colors in yarn there may be some bleeding during first wash. If so, continue to rinse cold.


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