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Always and Forever Custom Creations


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This yarn is a mix of all the emotions a mother feels, And every color was added for an emotion.
There was no plan or image idea it was true emotion. A sky blue for the bliss you feel when you imagine the birth of your child and the sky is the limit, topped with a steel grey for the steel backbone of a mother as she brings a child into this world. It is flipped a new phase sprinkled with fire, showcasing the difficulties a mother experiences, the questions am I doing this right, I wasn’t prepared, and what do I do. That is expressed with that color of turbulent fire. And to finish it off is the color turquoise, to symbolize the love and calm you feel every moment you look at your child and realize it was worth it and you would do it a million times over again.


100% Superwash Merino wool

231 yards

Worsted weight

100% Superwash Merino wool

218 yards