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Always and Forever Custom Creations

Gradient Yarn Blanks

$27.00 USD

Gorgeous one of a kind gradient yarn Blanks !!!!! They are knit up so it shows the way the yarn will work up as you work through your project ! I offer it in all of my bases and will put custom blank so that you may choose your color combos and we can go from there. In fingering and worsted weight 100% merino I also offer to do a continuous blank of however many yards you might want ! I work from cones for that. All blanks are mailed as hanks or cakes due to the difficulty of unwinding from the blank. If you want two exactly the same I also offer double knitting the blank. I knit all of the blanks myself so the sky is the limit ! All are custom, the price is for one skein of regular wool in fingering, sport, dk, or worsted in a blank if you want a double or longer length or a special yarn please message me.