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Always and Forever Custom Creations


$28.00 USD

Yarn Base

Limoncello a gorgeous luxurious yarn reminiscent of a gorgeous drink sitting on the table while you look out at a vineyard before you, relaxing after dinner.

Silk Heaven Sock

50/50 Superwash merino/ Mulberry Silk

100 grams 437 yards



100% Superwash merino wool

100 grams 438 yards


Bamboo Sock

80/20 Superwash merino/ Bamboo

100 grams 415 yards


Sport weight

100% Superwash merino

401 yards 115 grams


Dk weight

100% Superwash merino

100 grams 246 yards


DK Silk Heaven

50% Superwash merino 50 % mulberry silk

100 grams 236 yards


Worsted weight

100% Superwash merino

100 grams 218 yards


I dye each order as I receive so it generally takes 3-6 days to dye and dry before shipping:)


Gradient yarn will change colors as is worked up.


All hand dyed yarns differ slightly as they are all unique.


Hand wash cold lay flat to dry.